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Phyllis Hardwick Continues To Outpace Opponents In House Of Representatives Race

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Phyllis Hardwick Continues To Outpace Opponents In House Of Representatives Race

With a high number of individual donors, Hardwick’s people-powered campaign is gaining momentum

KANSAS CITY, Mo – Phyllis Hardwick, candidate for Missouri House of Representatives, District 19 announced that the campaign raised $35,330 in 20 weeks. Hardwick, in her first run for public office, has outraised both opponents in the race, including the incumbent Ingrid Burnett, since entering the field. Hardwick’s fundraising reflects a highly competitive race.

“It’s clear that Phyllis has the support of the community and that its people want strong representation,” says Michele L. Watley, campaign manager. “Ingrid is relying on special interests and PAC’s to get her back into office, at the cost of voters who need leaders who will fight for their interest in Jefferson City. These numbers show that District 19 is ready for a candidate like Phyllis and Phyllis is ready to represent the district.”

Q2 Report Numbers:

  • Hardwick secured more than 250 individual contributions for this reporting period.
  • Hardwick’s average donation is less than $90.
  • Over 60% of Burnett’s contributions are from PACs.
  • In this quarter alone, Burnett received donations from close to 30 PACs.
  • Burnett’s average donation is almost $200 per contribution.

Early in the campaign, Hardwick began utilizing virtual outreach and fundraising tools to ensure safe engagement with campaign supporters and voters. The campaign will continue to engage donors, supporters and voters through digital and online platforms.