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Your District 19

Phyllis Hardwick is a second-generation educator who lives in the Pendleton Heights neighborhood. The daughter of a truck driver and school paraprofessional, Phyllis learned the value of hard work and a good education very early in life. Even on fixed incomes, her parents made a home for their children. A home supported by strong community relationships and shared ideals.

After more than a decade of public and civic service in Kansas City, Phyllis is running to work for the citizens of Missouri House District 19. A dynamic workforce, strong schools, thriving small businesses, and practical solutions to end violence in our city will create more opportunities for our community. Phyllis has the skills and life experience to be an effective leader in Jefferson City that gets things done. Leadership that will ensure our community will move forward in a better direction.

Public Service

Her work in public service goes back to her time as a student. During her time at Mizzou, she passed university policies that expanded funding to support veterans’ affairs issues, improve campus safety, and additional resources to diverse student populations. Phyllis was admitted to three senior honor societies, awarded “Ten Most Influential Students” and selected as one of Mizzou’s Top 39 Seniors.

After graduating, Phyllis began a career in education, serving the children of Kansas City. She taught in Kansas City Public Schools for three years and continued working in education at a local non-profit that recruited, trained, and supported teachers who worked in high-needs schools.

Phyllis is ready to

Shortly after her work in education, Phyllis began work with a Kansas City real estate investment company. She gained experience in finance and real estate development while completing her master’s in educational studies.

She’s remained engaged in civic service by serving on nonprofit and education boards. In her spare time, Phyllis enjoys running, cycling, and spending time with family. She is a wife, daughter, aunt, friend, and neighbor. And Phyllis is ready to represent you.