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Major Wins In Democratic Primaries Indicates Voters Are Ready

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Major Wins In Democratic Primaries Indicates Voters Are Ready

Phyllis Hardwick, Democratic Candidate for House of Representatives, District 19, Statement on Victories and Holding Elected Representatives Accountable for Statements on Race and Equity

KANSAS CITY, Mo – Missouri Democratic Candidate for House of Representatives District 19 Phyllis Hardwick released the following statement in response to the wave of Black leaders sweeping recent primary elections. As the country confronts police brutality and disparities exasperated by the pandemic, democratic candidates of color won tough races against powerful incumbents by speaking to systemic inequality, access to healthcare and unemployment. Hardwick – whose district is the most diverse in the state – is running as a candidate who has the lived experiences that reflect the district and as a candidate that is ready to meet the moment:

“It is reassuring to see candidates who value equality and justice pull off amazing victories. These victories show that voters want candidates that will advocate for and reflect the communities they represent. In Kansas City, we are also fighting injustice and holding political leaders accountable is a part of the battle.

I was made aware of and cautioned about the use of race-baiting campaign tactics by Ingrid Burnett during her re-election race in 2016. That information was recently confirmed by her then opponent, Manny Abarca, IV. The xenophobic mailer that was sent to households across the 19th district mirrored the language used by then-presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The 19th district can’t continue to have representatives who operate business as usual in these usual times.

It is not enough for elected politicians to make promises to “amplify voices that speak to this inequity and suppression” but run campaigns using tactics that weaponize hate to suppress those same voices when they step up to lead.

The national attention to the injustices that people of color-specifically Black people-have faced, politicians and several local organizations made commitments to stand for racial justice and equity. Local organizations whose very missions vow to respond to the needs of the Black community, or support working-class families, or support women in public service must do more than speak about it. They have to be about it. And not through statements but their actions.