We need ACTION in Jefferson City

The needs of our community were not being met by politicians elected to represent us in Jefferson City. It’s become harder to make a decent living. Healthcare costs continue to rise while quality healthcare is further out of reach. Our education system isn’t resourced to prepare our children for an uncertain future. And violent crime in our community thrives without any real solutions from elected representatives.

Politicians have sat on the sides on many of the issues that directly impact communities here in our district. We deserve representatives who know our community, are of our community and will go to work for our community.

My hope is that by earning your vote in August, I can represent you.

Strong Workforce,
Strong Schools,
and a Strong Community.

STRONG Workforce

Supporting Small Business

Growing small businesses in Missouri by increasing access to microloan programs and strengthening Community Development Financial Institutions.

21st Century Job Training

Fight for workforce retraining programs for workers losing access to jobs due to automation.

Equitable Pay

Ensuring working families can earn a living wage, fighting for pay equity and protecting workers from wage theft.

STRONG Schools

Increase Funding

Ensuring our schools are well funded to be sure our kids are receiving the education they deserve. Lowering the state and local tax burden for our teachers and fully funding transportation costs for our schools are two things we can accomplish.

Equitable Access

Providing greater access to the options best suited for their children, whether district, charter or community based early childhood centers through greater transparency and accountability.

Credit For Childcare

Creation of an early learning child credit to lower childcare costs for our families.

STRONG Communities

Increasing Safety in our Neighborhoods

Advancing common sense gun legislation to get guns out of the hands of minors and domestic abusers.

Listen to the voices of the community and allow local leadership to push gun safety and anti-crime measures when Jefferson City fails to take action.

Changing our criminal justice system to prioritize rehabilitation over recidivism.

Building Community

More funding for community-based programs that foster connectivity. I will work to support programs that connect the community and have impact on our citizens.

COMBATING the Impact of COVID-19

Health Care for All

COVID-19 further highlights the need for access to healthcare. We must ensure that all members of our community receive quality health during the pandemic and beyond.

Healthcare we can protect thousands of frontline healthcare jobs, help keep hospitals open, and provide healthcare to members of our community who earn less $18,000 a year. Veterans and their families, retirees, and other hardworking people in our district whose jobs don’t provide health insurance could gain access to healthcare while saving the state money.

Housing Justice

Mandated stay-at-home orders, while challenging for all of us, are especially challenging for those experiencing homelessness and those without access to reliable housing. This population is at extremely high risk of COVID-19 and often the targets of police harassment.

Around 34 evictions were filed per day in 2018 in Jackson County, putting nearly 9,000 renter families at risk of homelessness and a host of related consequences for physical, mental, and financial health. The number of evictions due to skyrocketing unemployment will likely rise.

I will fight for safe, accessible and affordable housing across the district.