COVID-19 Resources.

I would like to make sure educational, food, meal, and basic needs resources are available to the families of Kansas City during this difficult time.

This listing of resources will be updated from time to time as new resources and information becomes available.


Typing/Keyboard Exercises:

Social Studies:

Food and Meal.

St. Lukes Memorial Church

3100 E 31st St. KCMO 64128

Clymer Community Center 

1301 Vine St. KCMO 64106

Riverview Gardens

299 Paseo Ave. 64106

Christ Temple 

3544 Highland Ave. KCMO 64109

Morningstar Youth

2525 E. 27th KCMO

St James UMC-Paseo

5540 Wayne Ave. KCMO 64110

West Bluff Community Center

1212 West Bluff Dr. KCMO 64108

Linwood YMCA

3800 Linwood Blvd. KCMO 64128

  • Meals Distribution Plan
  • Monday -Friday 11am-12pm
  • In parking lots while supplies last

University Academy

Calvary Community Center – 940 Homes Rd

Southeast Community Center 4201 E 63rd Street

Destiny Life Center 4207 Blue Ridge Cutoff

Guadalupe Center Middle School

2640 Belleview

Food and Basic Need Supports

Bishop Sullivan Center

Ph: 816-561-8515

3936 Troost Ave

Mon-Thurs. 9am-12:30pm

Calvary Community Center

Giving away sack lunches

Mon-Fri 9am-12pm

3551 Wabash

Guadalupe Center

Ph: 816-949-9011

Mon-Fri: 9am-4pm

1512 Van Brunt

Seton Center

Ph: 816-581-4710

Mon-Fri:8am-11:30 | 12:30-3pm

New Start

Mon-Thurs 9am-4pm

3511 Forest Ave.

Bainbridge Apartments

Ph: 816-807-5522

Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

908 E. Amour Blvd.

Kingway Ministry Lighthouse

Ph: 816-921-7016

Tues. 91m-12pm

4920 E 31st.

Palestine Senior Center

Ph: 816-921-1963

Tues & Thurs, 9:30am-12:30pm

3325 Prospect Ave.

Salvation Army-Westport


Tuesday & Thurs. 1:30-2:30

Metro Missionay Baptist Church

2nd and 4th Tuesday 9:30am-11am

2310 E Linwood Blvd

Clever Family YMCA

7000 Troost Ave.

M-F 11am-1pm

Friendship Village

3901 E. 56th Terr.

M-F: 4:30pm-5:30pm

Olive Park Village

2310 East 9th St.

M-F 12pm-1pm

Calvary Temple

5612 St. John Ave.

Tues 9am-11:45am and Friday 12:30pm-2:00pm

Sheffield Family Life Center

5700 Winner Road

Saturday 8:45am-11:00am